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iDetox sells Ion Cleansers and a range of health & lifestyle products, which are not normally found in conventional health stores.


We are committed to educating people on the benefits of choosing a healthier well-balanced lifestyle.
Come and see the Ion Cleanse in action at the next expo.


About Us

iDetox evolved from our desire to adopt a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
Our focus is to:

  • Provide a range of premium quality health & lifestyle products not normally found in conventional health stores.
  • Build a network of customers, members and affiliates that enjoy the benefits of adopting healthier lifestyle choices.

At the present time iDetox is focused on providing Ion Cleanse sales and treatments whilst we build our product range. Ion Cleanses are a totally natural way to help rid our body of toxins through the processes of water ionization and osmosis. 

We welcome the opportunity to help you understand how the Ion Cleanse works and how it can support your health and your business (if you work in the wellness industry).